Thoughts on life from my perspective.

Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr
I am Stefn, known to many in the broader heathen community as Pip. I was born in western Massachusetts half a century ago. I have been with my college sweetheart 3 decades, and married to her a quarter century.

I had the usual small town 50's - 60's childhood: school, church, Boy Scouts, baseball, fishing, hunting, working at the family shop, close knit neighborhood...

I went to military college, got a good education, but failed to graduate. I followed up at a local community college and emerged from this 5 1/2 year stretch with an associate's in business studies. I was in the military and ended my service as a Staff Sergeant in the USAF Reserves.

I've had many jobs: paperboy, apprentice cobbler, landscaping, food service, assembler/packager in a factory, paid game master, line supervisor in a factory, sales clerk (wide variety of stores and products), window & door builder/installer, inside sales/service advisor at a door company, heavy construction equipment operator, teamlead & assistant department manager for a few of my retail employers...

I have writtten a LOT of poetry over the last several years, self-publishing a number of books in that time. I have more in the works, including a book of essays based on my observations of American heathenry.