Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr (ullarsskald1957) wrote,
Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr

Life lesson from dad, and then, to Asatru?

Hail all;

I have been corresponding with a fellow with whom I have had good
words for several years.

He lost his dad within the past few days and I have been trying to
guide him through this leg of life's journey.

One thing I wrote, I think is appropriate to the discussions we've
been having about our worldview...

"We fill the hole by fighting onward, by building and by leaving our
Family Name in better shape than when our fathers gave it to us; that
is the duty we owe." - Steven Stewartsson

Our Name, is not just ours, but our parents', their parents', and on is our siblings', our children's, their children's and on

A Name is a weighty part of life's Burden.

I'm old enough, and come from a "conservative" enough background, that
I was taught to never dishonor the Family Name, to always live my life
so that our Name was a source of pride, of smiles, of glad tears, not
shame, or scowls, or sorrowful weeping.

My dad told me he was proud of the way I've lived my life thus
far...he was aware of my beliefs, and my foibles.

Pride and shame, our two-edged social sword.

One of our great concepts, surviving all these long centuries, lightly
covered, but never buried.
Tags: asatru, life lessons
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