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Interacting with non-Asafolk... - Piparskeggrsbok

Nov. 8th, 2009

06:19 pm - Interacting with non-Asafolk...

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Hail all;

Been a bit since I've posted...the following essay is a few days old and is elsewhere, too, in slightly different form:

We have all had discussions, here and elsewhere, of how best to reach the Folk outside of the Asatru Innangard.

Something I do is to participate in non-Asatru forums of various sorts; general, political, social, recreational, re-creational, mundane, pagan...I am a conversational gadabout.

I present myself as an Asatruar and ordinary, average guy.

The "place" to which I post most frequently is a medical information "community," which I joined after getting the pacemaker early last year. I post a lot of cookin_n_brewin tips, bits o' condolence, advice from my life experiences...typical, though genteel, know it all.

I've met one other Asatruar there (who seems a bit contact shy), and a couple of "Heathenish" folks...most members are followers of the "Big 3" and other such "World Religions."

However, because of the way I present myself and my beliefs, the reception has been friendly, even from some of the most devout fans of the Rabbi from Nazareth.

I was specifically invited to join a Spirituality forum because of the respectful tone of my posts, plus I am looked at as a pretty level-headed fellow there.

The other morning I wrote this little essay in reply to the question: "How hard is it for you to be spiritual in difficult times?"

[Pip note: trust me for $5.00 answers to $1.00 questions, after I give a 5¢ one ,-]

The short answer is, not hard at all.

But, let me amplify.

Within the worldview of my beliefs (Asatru), times of ordeal are part of what makes us whole beings. They are neither wanted, nor feared, but to are be lived through as best we can.

How we deal with the tough spots will build more worth in our personal store of "Orlay" than not dealing with them.

A little background is needed here...

Asatru is one of the modern re-awakenings of Northern European Spirituality based upon what we know, and come to know, about the culture, beliefs and practices of native European tribal folk. It mainly springs from those who have come to be known as Germanic and Nordic. The "sect" to which I adhere is especially tied (in my experience) to the knowledge preserved in the archives of Iceland.

Within my understanding of the beliefs within this worldview, time is looked at fairly simply.

The Past is Real. It is everything, which has occurred: words and deeds. It is the most weighty part of our existence, and is constantly growing.

The Present is the border between the Real and Unreal. That Which Has Been and That Which May Yet Happen meet, and make That Which Is Becoming; the Now in which we all live.

The Future is Unreal, coming out of Nothing and Everything; shaped by our Orlay, the Weight of our Past.

In the Northern Folkway, we look upon the universe as being a complex place, many parts acting together.

In Mythic Reality, it is 9 Worlds held together by a Web, a Worlds' Tree as it were. The Tree is watered by a Well within which our words and deeds fall, creating layers; that Orlay of which I write.

That Web is the Wyrd of all things, at once all encompassing and intensely personal.

For within that Wyrd, there are many layers...our own life, that of our birth family, our family by marriage, friends who are as close as (or closer than) birth ties, other friends, acquaintances, the broader community, state, nation, world...all of these have an effect upon us.

Our words and Deeds will have different weight based on their significance in life, sinking deep into the Well and becoming a permanent part of the Orlay, which fuels Wyrd, or staying near the top, evaporating and being forgotten, like mist on a pond at sunrise.

Hard times require us to stop and think; often times, to reassess the direction that life is taking us (that Weight of our Past).

To paraphrase a friend who lives within a belief system based upon that of the Anglo-Saxons: right action is best, wrong action is, while not desired, okay and inaction is the worst, as it really produces no outcome, no solution, good, bad or indifferent.

Doing is the key, it is what makes us.

As living my life the best I can is what the Holy Powers demand of me...no, holding onto the Spiritual aspects of my life is not difficult in difficult times.