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In answer to, do you believe in Ghosts... - Piparskeggrsbok

Jul. 19th, 2009

06:48 am - In answer to, do you believe in Ghosts...

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...I replied on a medical support to which I subscribe.

I accept that the world is made up of the Seen and Unseen as a matter of course, and that there is a Life beyond death. What form it takes will depend upon one's beliefs; I believe that one joins with one's Ancestors and that they can come to visit, as they still watch over you.

My great grandma Burke has been to see what I'm doing, especially during the first night of Yuletide, which in my faith is dedicated to remembering our mothers.

I believe that I have seen others of my family line; sometimes they just watch me, sometimes they give me a spiritual "poke in the ribs," sometimes they just give me a feeling that those who have passed on are doing okay.

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Date:July 19th, 2009 02:25 pm (UTC)
Like my Mother, "I See Dead People" and Other Things as well. One of the Good Things about growing up in a house where this was part of life was that I didn't make that much of it. WHile personal KNowlege of Survival after Darth and that Wights exist is great, it's not the main reason for Life...or it shouldn't BE. Also, I've noticed that since the Experiences are genreally so rare that when folks have them, they Accept without Thinking. A Humour book during the heyday of Channeling put it well, "Just Because they're Dead, Doesn't make them Smart"....or HONEST. Just because it doesn't(presently or ever)have a Physical body doesn't make it Smart, Good or Honorable...just as having one is the Opposite....
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